Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Climate Change

Congress is working on legislation to fight global warming. It looks encouraging. And of course Bush wants to spend as little as possible on the legislation - he's very consistent in his abuse of the environment.

When Bush talks about the Energy Bill, he usually talks about increasing the supply, as most politicians do. Although the supply side is important, it would be much more productive to focus on the demand side. Dump tons of money into alternatives to fossil fuel dependent industries. Make cars running on fossil fuels illegal at some point in the future. Find some other way to make plastic that isn't dependent on petroleum. The goal is to make it so that by 2020 (to pick a date) no one even wants oil. For example, BMW has already created a car that has an internal combustion engine that runs on liquid hydrogen. It's a race car and there are a lot of issues around producing and distributing the liquid hydrogen, but that's an excellent direction to go.


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