Monday, June 20, 2005

GW Bush

George W Bush is probably one of the worst presidents this country has ever had. He's not necessarily a bad person, but he is without a doubt a bad president. Every single one of his policies is rash and destructive to the American way of life. His No Child Left Behind act does nothing but hold children back and remove good teachers because they happen to be poor test takers - not to mention it is not sufficiently funded (you can never spend too much money on education). He lead us into a war that was completely unjustified and did nothing to make this country more safe and secure. He shoves tax cuts down our throats even when it is so clearly not the correct course of action. (The whole trickle down economics theory has always been a line of BS used to justify cutting taxes for the rich who fill Republican coffers.) Every decision he ever makes has been the wrong one, or at least it seems. His current passion - social security - is the least objectionable of his actions. I want Social Security reform, but not by a proven screw up like GW.

I have no doubt that he truly is a reborn Christian for whom God is an important part of his life. I don't think anyone doubts that. But, like so many Christians, he fails to carry his faith into actions. He allows greed to be a stronger influence in his life than God - as seen by war against Iraq, oil drilling in Artic, and many other policies. An excellent example is his most recent relationship with Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister that stuck his neck out to help Bush is his quest for oil and vengeance. Blair is lobbying Bush for two things: poverty relief for Africa and climate change. Although I don't know the details about what Blair is fighting for, these are issues that a Christian should aggressively pursue. The Bible contains tons of references to feeding the hungry and being caretakers for the world. It doesn't say anything about attacking countries because they have a different political system then you.


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