Monday, June 20, 2005


The state run news network, aka Fox News, is starting to lay the groundwork for the next stage in Bush's foriegn agenda: war with Iran. They are suggesting that bin Laden may be in Iran. That's always an easy way to drum up support: say it's part of the revenge, er I mean, protection against the terrorists. And of course they deride the Iranian elections, although I will admit that part is true.

So any predictions on when Bush will declare war on Iran?

Why does he ignore North Korea? This is a country that without a doubt has all the symptoms that Iraq supposedly had - nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, powerful despot leader. Why do they conjure up and fabricate allegations of these things against one country to justify a war but ignore proven facts in another? My answer - Two Things: Oil and Islam. The Middle East has oil, which we want and need and it is the center of Islam, which will overtake the American state religion (Christianity) in the near future. Compared to those concerns, the administration feels no threat from North Korea.


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