Monday, June 20, 2005

World Trade Center

Here's an article about the WTC collapse I found on How Stuff Works.

It explains how it's extremely unlikely that the jets alone would have caused the collapse and that only a controlled demolition fits all the facts. I don't know what I personally believe, but I'm most comfortable with the official story that the planes took them out without assistance. I think Allah/God, whichever name you prefer, had a direct hand in it and caused the collapse. Either to answer the prayers of followers of Islam or to wake up the complacency of American Christians - or both.

However, I definitely think a coordinated attack on our own soil by our own people is possible, even plausible. That sounds like something Cheney or Rumsfeld would advocate to encourage the totalitarian state we are currently working towards. I don't think Bush himself knew. He is a puppet of stronger forces within his administration. He's not smart enough to comprehend such a subtle plan. He's not smart enough to do his job at all, but I digress. I do believe that Bush's faith is real, but like most Christians, his faith has little influence on his actions.


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