Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Trouble in Paradise?

I don't have cable at home, so the only way I can watch the news channels is in the cafeteria at work. It's always set to Fox News, which is why I'm complaining about it all the time.

Fox News is continously covering this Aruba girl case. I don't get it. Who Cares? I was able to watch CNN in the gym and they covered it properly- brief update at the end of the show. Fox opens every show with it and dedicates half the show to it. Why would we care that much about a missing girl in Aruba? And they make Aruba look like this nasty place to stay away from. They have one major crime and the whole island is bad? Crimes like this happen every day all over the world. The United States has the worst crime rate in the developed world. Florida is ten times as worse then Aruba. It seems like all the worst news comes from Florida - that's a place to avoid. Florida is the troubled paradise, not Aruba.


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