Monday, June 20, 2005

Christian Voter

The Christian voter today faces a dilemma. The Democratic Party shares his or her principles as taught in the Bible. (I hope to write an essay on that when I have to time to do the proper supporting research.) However, most of the Democrats that show up on the ballot do not adhere very closely to those principles or have significant character flaws. The Clintons are a prime example of this deficiency. Bill Clinton was an excellent president, but a horrible person by most standards, including Christian ones. He upheld Democrat principles and therefore created a strong country. His successor is the ultimate example of the Republicans - good person with principles that are destructive to the nation and contrary to biblical teachings. So the moral person faces a quandary - Does he vote for the person of questionable character who shares his principles and ideals or does he vote for the person of good character who will lead the country down the wrong path?

I voted for Gore with complete confidence - he appears to be a good person who would have lead us down a good path. I hope he runs again for President. I had less confidence with Kerry- I'm not completely convinced he's a good person and I am quite confident he is not a Christian. Even by his own words, he's Catholic, which means he's not Christian. But I voted for him because I knew Bush was leading us down the wrong path and I believe that he is not a good person. Christian maybe, but not good. At the very least, he's not qualified for the job.

Currently, the respective front runners appear to be Hillary Clinton and Condeleeza Rice. Aside from the incredible fact that that would guarantee a female president, this would be a morally tearing race. We know Hillary Clinton is a person of weak morals and religious values. In addition, she has an unpleasant personality. But she has a good head for leadership and politics and would probably put the country on the right path. Rice is a product of the flawed and anti-Christian values of the Republican Party. But she appears to be a good person, a smart person, a person of good credentials and as far as I know, strong morals. This race would be the ultimate example of the quandary I stated above.

I will pray (and hope that others join me) that Democrats will remember their roots, find a platform that will connect with the people, and (most importantly) attract good, moral people to it's senior ranks.


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