Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Terry Shiavo

The autopsy results are in for Terry Shiavo. Read Here As I expected, it confirmed she had very little brain left and no evidence of spousal abuse. For all intents and purposes, she died fifteen years ago. Hopefully her soul departed then as well.

This case amazed and disturbed me, as it did most people. I know if I'm ever in that state or anything resembling it, I want the plug pulled. Fox News and other conservatives were spinning that this was an issue of life. But as a spiritual person, I felt the only moral thing to do was remove the feeding tube. As far as I am concerned, her family prevented her from going to heaven and being with God for fifteen years. That's the atrocity, that's the wrong of the case. Her parents were being incredibly selfish and made her husband fight in the court system to do the right thing. The court system carefully reviewed all of the facts and came to the proper conclusion. Anyone who wanted that tube kept in is going to have to face their relationship with God, I suspect it's not up to par.


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