Friday, June 10, 2005


Howard Dean is getting a little bit of heat for saying the following about Republicans: "not very friendly to different kinds of people, they are a pretty monolithic party ... it's pretty much a white, Christian party." Read Article
I agree with that assessment, but I've always wondered why. Why do Christians tend to be Republican? It is just because they agree with them on the abortion and gay marriage issues? Surely, people wouldn't be so narrowly focused would they? (note sarcasm) Is it because Republicans are more comfortable with religious language? Is it because Republicans and many Christians have a significant flaw in common: hypocrisy?
I am a Christian. I also happen to be white. I am actually more devout than most. I don't accept everything the Church teaches, but I know the Bible well and have most of the knowledge. More importantly, I can feel God's presence every moment. I have a very close relationship with Him. He guides my life, my actions, and my words. Because of that, I am completely mystified as to why anyone that calls themselves a Christian could also call themselves a Republican. The Republican values and the values of the Christian as taught in the bible are directly opposed to each other. (not completely of course, nothing is ever black and white.) Even more clear is the ties between Democrat values and Christian values: fight against poverty (Bush isn't willing to pay for that), protect basic needs of individuals, turn the other cheek, etc.

The only conclusion I can reach is that the Democrats are going through a slump where they can't find good people to support their causes. When the front runner of your party is someone like Hillary Clinton, you know your party is in a bad spot.


Blogger Chris from MI said...

Another time I agreed with Howard Dean:
Howard Dean in a USA Today Interview on 4/15/05:
Democrats get "caught" in defending abortion, he said.
"Well, there's nobody who's pro-abortion, not Democratic or Republican.
What we want to debate is who gets to choose: (House Majority Leader) Tom DeLay and the federal politicians?
Or does a woman get to make up her own mind?"

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