Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Good News

I haven't been blogging as much lately because the world has been looking better. It's not as much fun to talk about good things. It's more fun to complain. :)

Good Items:
Bush is doing horrible in the polls on all counts. The country is finally realizing his incompetence.

Iraq pullout is starting to look like a real possibility. A respected pro-military Republican is pushing for a phased pull out starting immediately. The Iraqi's are getting ready to show us the door.
(Sidenote: The only ones who use the term cut and run or even imply that is an option are Republicans. They accuse opponents of encouraging immediate withdrawal. No one wants that. No One. Even people like Cindy Sheehan are willing to wait for a phased pullout. That's all war opponents want: some sort of reassurance that this war has an end point and that end point will be sooner rather then later.)

The Republican monopoly on power is starting to break up a little bit. There are signs they might take a significant hit in midterm elections. I wish I could say Democrats are taking advantage of the opportunity, but they'll probably screw it up like they did when they chose Kerry as their candidate. (The only person more clueless then somone who voted for Bush is a person that voted for Kerry in the primaries.) I still hope that someday Democrats will win back the heart of Religious People and minority groups by returning to traditional Democrat values and breaking the Republican spin machine.

This positive note doesn't sound very positive does it? Oh well, I guess I'm just a bitter person. Living in a two party state where majority rules will do that to you.

UPDATE: the "respected pro-military Republican" is actually Democrat. I'm referring to Murtha. And after reading his proposal, it does look like cut and run. The Democrat's inability to get their act together continues to frustrate.


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