Saturday, October 29, 2005

List of Presidents

Just for fun and education, I researched all of the presidents and ranked them.

Lutz List of Best and Worst Presidents

The top 20 are what I consider good presidents. 21-30 were ok presidents - more negatives then positives, but qualified for the job. 31-40 are people I think never should have been president, were not qualified for the job and in some cases actually caused the country harm.

No surprise - GW made the top of the worst president list by a wide margin. Also no surprise - Abraham Lincoln made the top of the best president list. JFK surprised me. Despite his short presidency, he did a lot of things. He is basically the model that a modern president should emulate.

I find it interesting that Democrats filtered to the top of the list and Republicans floated to the bottom. I didn't do this on purpose. It probably happened because I agree with Democrats most of the time and find everything Republicans stand for offensive. The only Republicans in the the top twenty were extremely moderate or even liberal. (Roosevelt was unarguably a Liberal Republican,although they used the label Progressive at the time. Eisenhower basically flipped a coin when choosing a party. I don't consider Lincoln a Republican, but at the very least he was Liberal leaning.)

Let me know if You find some surprises or interesting rankings.


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