Friday, September 16, 2005

American Values

Newsweek has an excellent article- Overturning the Gospel- that talks about how American Christian values have become completely out of touch with Biblical values, something I've noticed myself. For example, the average Christian gets all worked up about abortion, but looks the other way when the poor are unable to feed themselves or their newborn children. Protect the unborn- ignore the born. That's just one example of how the average Christian does very little to live as Jesus taught. Christian leaders like James Dobson are the ultimate example of what Not to do. The current Christian political movement is leading a lot of people away from God.

Some of my favorite quotes from the article:

We as a nation -a proudly, increasingly loudly Christian nation - have somehow convinced ourselves that the selfish choice is usually the moral one, too.

Which is how "Christian" morality got to be all about other people's sex lives - and incredibly easy lifting compared to what Jesus actually asks of us.

Side Note:
My position on abortion in a nutshell: Both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice miss the point. The only relevant question is this: At what point does it become a human life? Before that point, it's just a woman deciding what to do with the developing life within her. She is not choosing what to do with her own body, she is deciding the fate of the life inside her. After that point, whatever it may be, (I think 20 weeks) it should legally be considered a human life and any decisions surrounding it should be treated accordingly.

Something else that makes no sense - Pro-Life people that oppose sex education in schools or distribution of condoms. That seems extremely counter productive. What better way to protect life then from preventing unplanned pregnancies to begin with? Yes, abstinence is the best practice, but handing out condoms doesn't discredit that message, it just addresses the reality that abstinence is not always followed and when it isn't a condom is next best thing. Yet another example of how Christian values in this country are completely screwed up.


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