Monday, June 27, 2005

Supreme Court

I doubt Rehnquist will announce retirement while Court is in Session. But we might hear this week. Or just after the holiday. I don't think his retirement will have much impact. Bush will most likely appoint someone similar and not much will change. I worry a little about Scalia as Chief Justice, but still think not much will change.

I hope Bush doesn't nominate another John Bolton. In that case, he nominated a guy he knew was going to be controversial. I often wonder if he nominated him just to see what he can get away with in this administration that flirts with dictatorship. From his perspective, the UN is such a worthless body that he might as well send Bozo the Clown as Ambassador. (I have to admit I somewhat agree with that sentiment, the UN has been a joke since it's inception.)

I hope that he takes a Supreme Court nomination more seriously. I think he will. But even if he does, I'm still worried about what kind of person he might dig up. I really worry if he has to fill more than one position. He could so easily send this country further down the spiral he is currently sending it.

The whole filibuster thing - I think judicial appointments should automatically require 60% majority, especially for the Supreme Court. We are talking about a lifetime appointment here. Majority rules is a crappy way to run a country, but that's what we have. By requiring all SC nominees to be approved by 60% majority, that should encourage presidents to appoint more well rounded justices. I'm pretty sure I would feel this way even if it was my party in the majority.


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