Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Instapundit has an excellent roundup of Hurricane postings. That guy posts constantly all the time. Doesn't he ever work or do anything else? He pointed out a pattern that I've noticed as well. The first week relief and aid is extremely hard to come by and nowhere near adequate. The second week it's available in most areas and the third week it's available in abundance. This disaster appears to be following the pattern, possibly even having third week level support available by the second week. So all the criticism the various levels of government are receiving may be inappropriate.

On the other hand, everyone knew if a level three hurricane or higher hit anywhere near New Orleans, it would be a huge disaster. And everyone knew like a week ahead of time that a level 4 hurricane was headed towards New Orleans. So why did they have such a hard time getting people out and getting things ready before the hurricane hit? People are comparing this to September 11th and saying that things have not improved. We can't handle major disasters any better now then we could then. I think that is a very valid accusation and I hope this event gives the Democrats something to rally behind and take a chunk out of the Republican Dictatorship. Of course I also hope that Homeland Security actually Improves, but I don't know if our government will ever be able to handle disasters in the best possible way. Maybe this Is the best possible way.

I heard the Homeland Security Secretary make a total fool of himself on NPR. The interviewer asked him about the Convention Center that CNN and NPR had been covering for days (probably other news outlets as well, I have no way to know). He said he didn't know anything about it and that they shouldn't listen to rumors! Reporters had first hand accounts of horrible things happening at that convention center and CNN had been showing images for days. And if they could get there, it sure seems like relief vehicles could. Millions of people knew about that place but the Homeland Security Secretary didn't?!? Doesn't make you feel very secure when the top security person in the nation is so clueless. If I was in his position I would have someone assigned to monitoring the media outlets and make sure those areas get covered as quickly as possible. Sounds unfair and opportunistic, but that's just a practical reality. GW certainly knew that and made sure to send in the Marines (figuratively speaking) and personally announce that the Convention Center was being dealt with. (Actually he implied it was completely taken care of, which it was not at that point, but we'll forgive a slight exaggeration)

I saw a post linked in Instapundit that suggested that GW called the governor of Louisiana and told her to order a mandatory evacuation before the hurricane. If it's true, it would be the first time I saw GW doing something right.


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