Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bush's War

The American public is finally starting to realize/admit that the Iraq War was a mistake. A USA Today poll showed the following:
An unprecedented 57% majority say the war has made the USA more vulnerable
to terrorism. A new low, 34%, say it has made the country safer. The question is
critical because the Bush administration has long argued that the invasion of
Iraq was undertaken to make the USA safer from terrorism.

I knew right from the beginning that invading Iraq was a Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld personal war that had nothing to do with fighting terrorism. The sanctions and UN restrictions worked, Hussein was a powerless ruler of a destitute country. He was all talk with no ability to carry out any action against it's own neighbors, yet alone the United States. This is not hindsight, I could tell that from my armchair since after the 1991 war. By invading Iraq, all Bush managed to do was create more enemies. More enemies equal greater threat to our safety. Not to mention thousands of US soldiers and Iraqi civilians killed to satisfy an American Administration's agenda.

The thing I'm curious about: How long before the generally accepted consensus is that George W Bush was one of the worst presidents in American history. I think he's even worse then Buchanan or others like him that usually are considered the worst presidents. They were merely unable to stop a tragic course of events. They were unable to solve the problems of their day. GW Bush is not only incapable of solving the problems of his day - he has a long track record of creating new ones.


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