Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Right to be Stupid

Why is prostitution illegal? Why do strip clubs have restrictions placed on what the dancers can do? Why does pornography have to fight the legal system? Why are alcohol and tobacco legal but marijuana is not? Why are any drugs illegal? Why would any government discriminate against people because of race, gender, or sexual orientation? Why would government prevent two people from making a permanent, legally binding commitment, just because they happen to be the same gender? Why would anyone care if someone chooses to take more than one spouse? Why would anyone prevent a terminally ill patient in incredible pain from asking for assistance in ending their life?

These are all examples of laws that make no sense to me. Some of them are clearly problems that need to be addressed, but making them illegal is a way to avoid the problem, to avoid dealing with it and addressing it constructively. Others may have a legitimate reason for being illegal that I am not aware of. But I think most just boil down to one thing: the majority feel they have the right to tell the minority what to do. The "right" feel the need to correct the "wrongs" of others. Some of these things are sins and behaviors that individuals should not be involved with. But the real sin, the real wrong, is the moral superiority of those who passed such laws and support such laws and encourage more such laws. These are the ones who need to fall to their knees and beg God's forgiveness. God will decide right and wrong, not Man.

I have written a Constitutional Amendment that I would Love to see passed to discourage stupid laws like the ones listed above. It would never get passed in the world we live in, but a guy can dream can't he? Read it and let me know what you think.


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