Friday, June 10, 2005

Fox News

I really dislike the Fox News Channel. They should not be allowed to call themselves a news channel, they are an entertainment network that presents sensationalized bits loosely based on current events. And they definetely can not be considered Fair and Balanced. That is the most atrocious thing about the channel. They claim to be Fair and Balanced, but are so obviously not. They have such a right wing conservative bias that it's ridiculous. Everything about the channel, from the shows they put on, the anchor's personalities, to the stories they cover screams Republican bias. That doesn't bother me, but don't claim to be Fair and Balanced and then act unfairly and unbalanced with every opportunity.

Anchors: All of the anchors, with the possible exception of Brit Hume, are very right wing biased. They just leak it from every pore. When they editorialize, it's obviously biased. That's fine, that's what editorial is suppossed to be. But every anchor has the same bias. Doesn't sound very balanced to me.

Format: All of their shows are slanted towards Republican values. For instance, they place much more emphasis on business then CNN. They love putting on oppossing pundits and having them argue on the air (very annoying and unpleasant). When they do, they almost always steer the interview in favor of the Republican, conservative, or right wing pundit.

Stories: They prefer covering stories that favor the Republicans. There is no such thing as in depth coverage on Fox News. They never cover anything for more than 2 minutes. Even when they are talking about the same story all day, it's just the same 2 minute blurb over and over again. When the Terry Shiavo thing was going on, I was stuck in a room with that channel in the background. I couldn't change it. Despite the fact that they talked about it constantly for 8 hours, they never once went into coverage deeper than the 2 minute high level summary. And their bias also showed: they made a complicated, convoluted issue look pretty one sided. They seemed to condem anyone that thought letting her die was the most moral thing and spirtiually responsible thing to do (my position by the way). And they seemed obssessed with making the judicial system the bad guy, when it was actually doing its job very well.