Friday, December 22, 2006

Meaning of Christmas

I've been thinking - Christmas is not a Christian holiday. Never hasbeen and certainly is not now. First of all, it is not the date ofJesus' birth. Also, it certainly is not a holiday mentioned or recommended in the Bible. It was created by the Catholic church hundreds of years later as part of anti-pagan propaganda. It is is not a religious holiday at all. And should not be considered one.

I think the best way to think of Christmas is similar to George Washington's Birthday. It's a day set aside to remember the example set by an excellent role model and founder of our way of life. In the case of Jesus, the man is one designed by God at the beginning of time to be the perfect servant - to show us all how he wants us to serve him.

That's why I think it's more appropriate to say "Happy Holidays" then"Merry Christmas". Because it's not really about one day. It's about a time of year, a time of renewal. A time when the days reach their shortest and turn to become longer. A time when the calendar rolls over to a new year. A time when one thinks about the future. A time when everyone should think about others more then themselves.

Christmas is also a time to spend with family and friends. It's a time to think about our relationships with family, friends, and God. It's a time to think about our life and whether we are the person we should be. A time to think about whether there is something more that we can do to improve the world and our place in it.

Presents are also important. They remind you of what you have. It allows you to be grateful and not take things for granted. It's the only time of year where it's appropriate to celebrate material things. To get things you wouldn't normally get - that you might not actually need - just because it's fun. A reminder that it is OK to be happy here on Earth because God wants us to be happy. It's important to remember that there are others that don't have as much. It's the time of year when you feel obligated to do something to help others that aren't as blessed as you.

So I thank God for giving me wisdom and understanding. I am grateful that I can have a relationship with Him. I have been blessed with a stronger relationship with God then that which pretty much everyone I know has (or at least it seems that way to me). I thank him for that. As always, I pray that Christians will someday learn to abandon the violation of the first commandment that is the Trinity and form a true relationship with God. Thank you for listening and may God be with you.


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